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Issue 2 (Nov/Dec 2005) Holiday Issue
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Issue 2 (Nov/Dec 2005) Holiday Issue

     Welcome friends to the 2nd issue of Bead-Patterns the Magazine. Many thanks to all who took the time to write and tell us how much you enjoyed our first issue. Your input is very important and helps guide our decisions as we plan and develop each issue. Find something you love? Tell us and we will find more! Have a gripe? Tell us so we can make it right.

This issue concentrates on the upcoming holidays with many quick to make projects for all the folks on your gift lists. Sandra D. Halpenny’s Crystal & Seed Bead Snowflakes make terrific teacher gifts. Liz Duffey has designed 2 adorable new members for her Meeces to Peeces collection: Rockin’ Rosie & Rockin’ Ronnie, perfect for baby’s first Christmas.  Joan Hurlbut has shared her handsome Moose in Pond Bic lighter cover for the guys in your life, there’s a lovely amulet purse version for us girls too. Slinky Cobra Bracelets can be stitched by the dozen; three for the babysitter, two for your hairstylist, one for the shampoo girl….. Happy stitching!    Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Seed Bead & Crystal Snowflakes Seed Bead & Crystal Snowflakes
by Sandra D. Halpenny

These delicate 1¼ inch snowflakes are so much fun to stitch you’ll make a blizzard of them! Perfect for seasonal teacher or hostess gifts, ornaments, window decorations, gift tags and more!

Each snowflake requires:
  • 1 gram size 11 Japanese seed beads & 6 bicone crystals, 4mm
For the set shown you’ll need:
  • 3 grams seed beads
  • 18 Bicone crystals
  • White thread
  • Jewelry findings of choice
Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00011455 at

Pearl Berry Garland Bracelet
Pearl Berry Garland Bracelet
by Deb Moffett-Hall

String a simple base of seed beads and embellish with seed bead leaves and gleaming pearl “berries” to create a vine effect that twines and twists naturally. Self-button closure makes this bracelet easy to stitch to just the right length.

Materials needed for 7½ inch bracelet
  • 8 grams total, Japanese seed beads, size 15 Silver #464 or Green #306 & Bronze #457
  • 30 Round 5mm freshwater pearls, Peacock or Cranberry
  • 8mm silver bead if desired for closure
  • 4lb test Fireline
  • Fine needle
Individual Pattern is not available

Rockin' Rosie & Rockin' Ronnie Rockin' Rosie & Rockin' Ronnie
by Liz Duffey

New members of Liz’s collection. Perfect gift idea for baby’s first Christmas or a delightful treat for anyone young at heart. 3-D mane and tail details make these adorable Brick stitch ornaments extra special.

Materials needed to make one ornament
  • Fireline 4lb test or thread of choice
  • 150 Czech size 13 Charlottes, Pearl Eggshell
Delica Beads, size 11 - (Qty) - Color - Delica #
  • (43) Black 10
  • (49) Dark Grey 652
  • (16) Light Grey 357
  • (4) White 66
  • (33) Dark Green 327
  • (218) Light Green 655
  • (54) Metallic Gold 410
  • (127) Brown 794
  • (62) Tan 203
  • (3) Red 723
  • (77) Pink 70 or (63) Blue 725
Individual Pattern is not available

Moose in Pond Moose in Pond
by Joan L. Hurlbut

Joan owns Pristine’s, a fully stocked bead store in Fairbanks Alaska. This is a pattern from her book; Beaded Alive: A Natural Beginning.
The Bag and the Bic lighter cover are stitched with Miyuki Delica beads – bead colors and bead counts can be found on the full color chart.

The bag requires twice the number of beads listed for two panels and the following beads for the fringe and strap as shown:
  • 50 pink 2mm crystals
  • 50 green 4mm crystals
  • 25 blue 5mm crystals
  • 9 grams size 15 seed beads to match Delica green #27
  • 12 grams size 15 seed beads to match Delica blue #861
Delica Beads, size 11, DB number and (QTY) shown below:
  • Delica 27 (296)
  • Delica 72 (24)
  • Delica 201 (95)
  • Delica 307 (42)
  • Delica 312 (61)
  • Delica 322 (76)
  • Delica 327 (229)
  • Delica 340 (42)
  • Delica 374 (11)
  • Delica 693 (69)
  • Delica 769 (54)
  • Delica 851 (30)
  • Delica 853 (40)
  • Delica 861 (924)
  • Delica 1051 (87)
Individual Pattern is not available

Raised Spiral Bracelet Raised Spiral Bracelet
by Judith Bertoglio-Giffin

This “basic” bead crochet bracelet looks anything but basic when completed! Judith’s clear instructions are wonderful for bead crochet beginners and those who were less than happy with earlier efforts.

Materials needed for Raised Spiral Bracelet
  • 340 A= semi-matte transparent green yellow 11/o
  • 230 B= semi-matte transparent aqua 8/o
  • 120 C= semi-matte transparent ruby 6/o
  • Gutermann™ Top Stitch or Jean Stitch™ 100% polyester sewing thread
  • Safety pin
  • Big eye needle, size 10
  • (1.0 mm) steel crochet hook
Individual Pattern is not available

Ruffled Peyote
Ruffled Peyote
by Linda Gettings

Seed beads are stitched into crinkle edged bands and accented by an eclectic mix of coral beads. Both the necklace & bracelet begin with square stitched cube bead end pieces which keep the strands twisted or separate, as you wish.

Materials needed to make 18 inch necklace and 8 inch bracelet
Note: bracelet needs to be 1 inch oversize to allow for twisting.
  • 20 grams each of 3 different red size 11 seed beads; Light Opaque Red, Medium Opaque Red luster, Dark Transparent Red
  • 80 Assorted red cube beads, 4 mm
  • 30 inches of assorted beads, 6 - 9mm wide, round, oval, disk, barbell, heishe
  • 2 Clear shank style buttons, each 16mm
  • Beading thread of choice
  • Needle
  • Scissors
Individual Pattern is not available

Gold n' Chocolate Bracelet Gold n’ Chocolate Bracelet

Rich Chocolate Brown and Glowing Gold Size 8 Delicas come together for a quick & easy project.  The peyote stitched bracelet base is smooth and supple to the touch, a pleasure to wear. Simply add a decorative metal button and a few delicious accents using size 11 and size 15 seed beads to complete this classic bracelet.

Materials needed for size 7 inch bracelet (7½ inch bracelet bead counts):
  • 110 (118) Matte Metallic Brown Size 8 Delica beads color #0312
  • 56 (61) Gold Size 8 Delica beads (either galvanized or precious metal)
  • 133 (141) Gold size 11 seed beads
  • 220 (236) Gold size 15 seed beads
  • 55 (59) Matte Metallic Brown Delica seed beads size 11 color number #1051
  • 1 Gold shank style button, ½ inch wide
  • Fireline 4lb test size or beading thread of choice
  • Fine beading needle that will pass through size 15 seeds
Individual Pattern is not available

Meet Bead Artist Kelly Russell
Meet Bead Artist Kelly Russell

Kelly’s bead creations are an eclectic mix of polymer clay, precious metal, precious gems, and Precious Metal Clay finished with a liver of sulfur induced Raku-look patina.

Slinky Cobra Bracelets Slinky Cobra Bracelets

Great gift idea! This slim line 7” bracelet is easy to customize to suit everyone on your gift list. The same basic design creates 4 very unique bracelets as shown.  Change only the accent bead groupings & seed bead colors; the construction method is the same for all four. Midnight Pearl, Crystal Cube, Celtic Gold, & Classic Pearl.

Materials needed for each bracelet:
  • 115 light and 115 dark seed beads, size 15, and clasp of choice
  • Fireline, 4lb test or beading thread of choice
  • Fine beading needle
  • Midnight Pearl: 18 button pearls, 5mm (3/grouping) 14 silver daisy, 3.5 mm
  • Crystal Cube: 6 Crystal Cubes, 4mm & 14 corrugated silver rounds, 3 mm
  • Celtic Gold: 4 Celtic Ovals, 2 Celtic Diamonds, 8mm & 14 gold daisy, 3.5 mm
  • Classic Pearl: 8 White potato pearls, 6mm & 14 gold disks, 5 mm
A similar individual Pattern is available, SEARCH using: 00005904 at

Making Memories Ornament Making Memories Ornament

Stitch a netted band of seed beads to fit around the larger 2¾ inch glass ornaments.
Add sparkling crystal accents & tiny silver photo frames from Pure Allure.  Select family photos that celebrate a special milestone to make an heirloom ornament.

Materials needed to make one ornament as shown:
  • 1 Photo Bracelet Kit: Pure Allure Inc. Crystal Innovations
    Items used from kit: 6 frames and 12 clear 4mm bicone crystals
  • 12 Rectangle clear crystal Metal Sliders: Pure Allure Inc. Crystal Innovations
  • 36 Silver round corrugated beads, each 3mm
  • 90 Silver Daisy spacer beads, each 3.5 mm
  • 36 Silver lined bugle beads, each 9 mm
  • 6 Clear crystal bicone, each 6 mm
  • 12 Silver Heishe spacer beads, each 5mm
  • 2 grams Silver Seed beads, size 11
  • 6 grams Silver seed beads, size 15
  • Fireline 4 lb test or beading thread of choice
  • Fine needle
  • White craft glue
Individual Pattern is not available

DIY - Do It Youself D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself) - Painted Beads

Transform those Plain-Jane beads into something spectacular.

Permanent paint colors for glass beads, no special equipment needed!

Product and Book Reviews
100 Beaded Jewelry Designs
100 Beaded Jewelry Designs
By Stephanie Burnham

   A vast and varied collection of adornments for all occasions. Projects range from simple stringing recipes to more complex bead weaving items. Lots to choose from no matter what mood you are in!
   The skills needed to complete any of the projects are carefully explained and illustrated in the detailed techniques section.  Good one for your collection!
Published by:
Interweave Press LLC
201 East Fourth Street
Loveland CO 80537

Bead Crochet Ropes
Bead Crochet Ropes
By Judith Bertoglio-Giffin

   Judith's instructions and the wonderful photographs in this book are the only reason I now know how to bead crochet - and LIKE IT!
   I was so frustrated trying to follow other instructions that I was reluctant to try again. With Judith's encouragement and after seeing the 3 pages of wonderfully inspiring Gallery photos in this book I knew I had to give it one more chance.

Contact Judith at:
Beadline Studios
for ordering information.
Shooting Star Earring Kit
Shooting Star Earring Kit
Beyond Beadery

   These fabulous shoulder-brushing, earrings are not only gorgeous they are incredibly light weight to wear.
   The kit comes complete with every little thing that you will need to make your own pair. Full-color, step-by-step instructions, even the needles and thread!
Betcey Ventrella
& Mark Bondy
Gita Maria
Gita Maria
Glass Enamel on Sterling Silver

   These beautiful enameled jewelry bails measure about ½: inch long with a hanging loop at the bottom.
The opening at the top is nice & wide to accommodate a cord, chain, or lots of beads! The bails may include silver & precious stones - the colors simply glow! See charms, toggles & more enamel art at:

Gita Maria Sturm- artist
Phone 541-247-9647

Jangles by Jennifer Heynen

Handmade Ceramic Beads & Toggles

   These are adorable! I plan to use them right up front and build the necklace around the clasp. The small square measures just shy of an 1 ½ inch.
   The colors are fun and funky with a "watercolor washy" look that blends with so many bead styles.
Visit Jennifer online at:
Phone: 262-790-1273

Issue 2 Correction:
Page 22 - Products and Reviews
Beaded Alive: A Natural beginning by Joan L. Hurlbut
Corrected web address is:

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