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Issue 9 (Jan/Feb 2007) Romance Issue
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Issue 9 (Jan/Feb 2007) Romance Issue

Welcome friends to issue #9
     Happy New Year!  2007 promises to be a very beady year. New bead shows and bead shops are cropping up all over the country making it even easier to fulfill our bead-needs. Fire Mountain Gems has announced that everything, EVERYTHING online and in their catalogs is now assortable which can add up to major bead savings! The gals at my bead group are pooling their orders to reach the greatest discount levels.  
     This issue features a number of romantic items; two heart motif projects, a peyote bracelet from Kelly Jansema and a heart decorated hidden compartment keychain from Carlene Cooley-Brown. Sandra D. Halpenny shares another of her exquisite seed bead and crystal creations. Julie Ann Smith offers an elegant pastel Victorian Roses cuff bracelet, while Linda Gettings’ color block herringbone bracelet is bold and beautiful. Dottie Hoeschen and Doris Coghill present projects to showcase those large artist beads you treasure.
     The weather outside is frightful but the beads are so delightful so let us bead, let us bead, let us bead...    Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Bali Silver & Black box chain Bali Silver & Black box chain
by Julie Ann Smith

You’ll wear this go-with-everything 18” box chain herringbone necklace again, and again so splurge and get the good beads!

  • ½ gram Platinum electroplate seed beads, size 15
  • 72 Metallic silver bugles, 3mm
  • 20 Silver Heishe, 5mm
  • 10 Bali silver dotted spacers, 4mm
  • 20 Bali daisy spacers, 4.5mm
  • 10 Hematite rounds, 4mm
  • 5 Bali Silver decorated cylinder beads, 5x11mm
  • 1 Bali Silver "S" clasp with closed jumprings, 18mm
  • Fireline 4lb test or strong beading thread of choice
Individual Pattern is not available

Copper Sky Seed Bead & Crystals Copper Sky Seed Bead & Crystals
by Sandra D. Halpenny

Simple net stitch makes an impressive and deceptively intricate looking 16” necklace – the design elements open slightly as the necklace is worn for a fabulous petal look!

Materials for 16" necklace:
  • 17 grams copper lined Opal Japanese seed beads, size 11
  • 100 Capri Blue Swarovski Bicone crystals, 4mm
  • Nymo D or C-lon thread
Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00014743 at

Meet the Bead Artist Meet the Bead Artist:
Raychel Stein of Birdsong Beads

Lea's Art Bead Tassel Lea's Art Bead Tassel
by Doris Coghill of Dee's Place

This delightful tassel has a top loop stitched with circular peyote around a piece of rattail cord. The cord adds stability and supports the weight of the art bead & the lush kinky fringe.

Materials for 16" necklace:
  • 20 grams seed beads, size 11
  • 20 Pressed glass flowers
  • 20 Pressed glass leaves
  • Rattail cord, 8"
  • Thread
  • 1 Art Bead, 25 mm
Individual Pattern is not available

Art Bead Micro-Macrame Necklace Art Bead Micro-Macrame Necklace
by Dottie Hoeschen

Learn the art of micro-macramé using the new C-Lon cord to knot a 15” necklace featuring a favorite art bead!

Materials needed for 15" necklace as shown:
  • 6 yards C-Lon cord, 1 spool of C-Lon Cord = 86 yards
  • 44 seed beads, size 8
  • Accent beads need a hole large enough to accommodate 4 strands of C-Lon cord
  • 1 Art Bead for focal point, sample shown 11mm x 20mm but any size will work
  • 6 Glass heishe disks, 9mm (shown in amber yellow)
  • 4 Dichroic glass center pony beads, 6mm
  • 2 Carved glass accent beads, 8mm x 11mm (shown in green)
  • 1 Glass accent bead or button for clasp, 6mm x 12mm (shown in green)
Individual Pattern is not available

A Heart is Forever A Heart is Forever
by Kelly Jansema

A sweetheart of a peyote bracelet pattern that includes a large color chart and a row-by-row word chart. A great project for beginners.
Odd Count Peyote Panel measures 1" x 7 ½" in Delica beads, size 11.

  • 2 Yellow Fire Polished rounds, 6mm
  • Clasp of choice
  • 4 lb test Fireline or thread of choice
  • DB #1564 Red (811)
  • DB #247 Pink (276)
  • DB #236 Lt Pink (106)
  • DB #233 Yellow (471)
Individual Pattern is not available

Victorian Roses Victorian Roses
by Julie Ann Smith

So romantic! A single large pink rose is framed by lacy rosebuds in this precious peyote bracelet project.

Stitch this romantic Victorian bracelet in flat odd-count peyote or adjust for flat even-count peyote by adding the last row of brown beads along one side with brick stitch. An eye-catching 1.25" x 7.5" the compliments will make you blush rose-y pink!

Materials (size 11 Delica Beads):
  • 1 silver or gold tone shank button 5/8"
  • Fireline 4 lb test or thread of choice
  • 4 lb test Fireline or thread of choice
  • DB 240 Blue, 987 beads
  • DB 210 Med Pink, 117 beads
  • DB 883 Cream, 417 beads
  • DB 263 Med Green, 171 beads
  • DB 1493 Peach, 241 beads
  • DB 1534 Light Pink ,16 beads
  • DB 1376 Dark Pink, 147 beads
  • DB 169 Light Green, 31 beads
  • DB 1135 Dark Green, 19 beads
  • DB 769 Brown, 600 beads
Individual Pattern is not available

The Key To My Heart Key chain The Key To My Heart Key chain
by Carlene Cooley-Brown

A Hidden Compartment Keychain. This terrific two-color design is odd-count peyote but can easily be worked in even-count by adding the last border row with brick stitch.

Materials (size 11 Delica Beads):
  • 1 Key Chain Kit, available at, # 00011909
  • Fireline 4 lb test or thread of choice
  • Delica size 11, # 043 Red (462)
  • Delica size 11, # 201 White (447)
Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00012939 at

Peyote Medallions Peyote Medallions for Pillbox or Beverage Tote
by Joan L. Hurlbut & Deb Moffett-Hall

Flat round peyote panels 1 & 5/8” have many creative uses: pillbox, accent charms, key chains, & ornaments. Joan shares a leaping dolphin detail taken from her new book. My grape design fits the pillbox too, but it also makes a unique accent charm for a leather bottle tote.

Materials size 11 Delica Beads:
  • 1 Pillbox (item MB-Mini Box) from or 1 Wine or bottled-beverage carrier made by Pooch & Sweetheart™
    *ArtCraftWorld is no longer in business.
  • Fireline or thread of choice
  • E-600 or epoxy of choice to attach the beadwork to the metal pillbox
Dolphin Medallion size 11 Delica Beads:
  • #010 Black, 40 beads
  • #201 White, 84 beads
  • #376 Dark Blue(rim), 84 beads
  • #301 Dark Gray, 98 beads
  • #177 Medium Blue, 39 beads
  • #861 Light Blue (sea), 169 beads
  • #132 Medium Gray, 53 beads
Grapes Medallion size 11 Delica Beads:
  • #883 Cream, 149 beads
  • #374 Light Green, 41 beads
  • #362 Light Red, 53 beads
  • #621 Gold satin, 77 beads
  • #324 Dark Green, 154 beads
  • #654 Dark Red, 85 beads
Individual Pattern is not available

Color Block Herringbone Cuff Color Block Herringbone Cuff
by Linda Gettings

Create a bold fashion statement in supple, drape-y flat herringbone using several bead sizes for visual texture and drama. Faceted beads catch the light along the edges. Big seed beads make the bracelet quick to finish.

Materials for a 7" bracelet:
  • 200 Matte Black seed beads, size 6
  • 32 Grey silver lined seed beads, size 8
  • 25 Black faceted rondelles, 4mm
  • 25 Red faceted rondelles, 5mm
  • 32 Gold silver lined seed beads, size 8
  • 250 Red opaque seed beads, size 8
  • 50 Red faceted rondelles, 4mm
  • 1 Black faceted shank button, 22mm
  • Thread to match
Individual Pattern is not available

Product and Book Reviews
Here are some wonderful publications available from Bead-Pattern Designers.
Forever In Beads

Forever In Beads by Barbara Elbe

Memories & Nature Transformed Into Beads.
Nine beautiful new patterns bring nature and memories to life. Predominantly horizontal and vertical brick stitch patterns, there is one square pattern and two loom pieces suitable for framing. Twelve adorable earring patterns complete the book.

Complete step-by-step instruction for all stitches, that includes instructions on how to do the different straps and fringe. Well illustrated throughout.

Size: 8½ x 11 inches
Binding: Soft Bound
Pages: 54 pages, Full color
ISBN: 0-9653622-5-6

Available at,
SEARCH using model # 00008740

or at

Dayna Chain by Cindy Fleming

An extravagant collect of Dayna Chains, ranging from simple to complex. The instructions are written so that a beginner beader can understand the steps but the variations provide the advanced beader with challenging design options.
31 pages filled with Over 20 chains and projects, a collection of spiral chains using the Dayna Chain stitch.

Size: 5½" x 8½"
Binding: Spiral (pages will lay flat)
Beads Used: variety
Stitch: peyote stitch technique by Dayna Gustafson

Available at,
SEARCH using model # 00008140.

Dayna Chain

Netting All The Way

Netting All The Way
by Galina Barsky & Varvara Konstantinov

30 projects are included in this beautifully photographed book. Step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow along for each design. Use Basic netting stitch to create stunning necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Some patterns in this book are available individually.

Stitch: net weave
Beads Used: Size 11 Czech seed beads
Pages: 94
Author: Galina Barsky & Varvara Konstantinov

Available at,
SEARCH for model # 00007851

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