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Issue 12 (Jul/Aug 2007) 2nd Anniversary Issue
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Issue 12 (Jul/Aug 2007) 2nd Anniversary Issue

     Welcome friends to issue #12. Happy 2 year Anniversary to Bead-Patterns the Magazine! Wow, where does the time go?  Seems like just yesterday we were sending out surveys to find out what you wanted featured in an on-line magazine. You told us you wanted peyote projects with regular and word charts – we have 2 gorgeous projects, one from Sig of Beaded Bear Publishing and another from De Lynn Nelson. You wanted a mix of quick and easy and challenging, try Carol Ohl’s Peyote Dream Chain for a fun fast project or stretch your skills with the Aussie Spiral from Marilyn Peters. Sandra D. Halpenny shares a Jeweled Medallion necklace that will look great with bright summer colors as will the Crystal Squares project from Linda Gettings.  So don’t forget to pack your beads when you leave for vacation you’ll want to spend some time stitching!   Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Peyote Dream Chain Peyote Dream Chain
by Carole Ohl

This 3/8” wide chain is a wonderful way to showcase a focal bead or pendant. It works up quickly and has a nice drape and smooth feel around your neck.

  • Size 11 Seed Beads
  • Size 14 or Size 15 Seed Beads
  • Size 8 Seed Beads
  • Size 11 Toho Triangles, cull out misshapen beads
  • Accent beads: Red sample shows 6mm Bicone crystals. Grey Sample shows 6mm fire polished rounds.
  • Focal bead or pendant: Red Heart 13mm, Pewter Pendant 21mm.
  • Clasp of choice
  • Fireline 6lb test or thread of choice
Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00013778 at

Stars-N-Stripes Bracelet Stars-N-Stripes Bracelet
by Sharon J Boehme

Show everyone your patriotic spirit with this fun crocheted bracelet! For a special Christmas bracelet string a red & green background with silver or gold stars. How to "Bead Crochet" instructions are not included.

  • R - Red (4g size 11 seed beads)
  • B - Blue (4g size 11 seed beads)
  • W - White (3g size 11 seed beads)
  • Big Eye Needle
  • Top Stitching Thread (Your color choice)
  • Closure (optional)
Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00013853 at

Aussie Spiral Aussie Spiral
by Marilyn Peters

Accent groups spiral round & round a peyote base in this scrumptious 7½" bracelet that is much easier to stitch than it appears.

  • 2 grams size 11 Delicas (finish: Matte silver lined purple, step-by-step: matte grey)
  • 212 size 11 seed beads (finish: transparent purple ab, s-b-s: silver galvanized)
  • 113 size 8 seed beads or 2mm bicones (finish: transparent purple, s-b-s: size 8 hematite)
  • 200 mini bugles, 2.5mm (finish: purple silver lined ab, s-b-s matte silver)
  • 2 silver daisy spacers, 4 or 5mm for toggle
  • Nymo D to match, use doubled thread throughout
  • Stitch a beaded toggle (instructions included) or purchase clasp of choice.
Individual Pattern is not available

Crystal Squares Crystal Squares
by Linda Gettings

This slinky 18” box chain herringbone necklace is encrusted with brilliantly sparkling bicone crystals in two sizes. Matching crystal open-square links accent a removable 3” dangle.

  • 173 Sapphire Blue bicone crystals, 2.5mm
  • 112 Sapphire Blue bicone crystals, 4mm
  • 428 Sapphire Blue Trans AB seed beads, size 8
  • 3 Sapphire Blue crystal open-square links, 19mm
  • 1 Magnetic clasp with shanks
  • Fireline 6 lb test or beading thread of choice that can stand up to crystals
Individual Pattern is not available

Swarovski Crystal Contest Swarovski Crystal Contest
Entries from Sandra D Halpenny

We all love their brilliant sparkle but did you know that the company sponsors a fabulous yearly contest?

A similar Pattern to entries is available, SEARCH using: 00011018 at

Brown Tropical Fish Pin Brown Tropical Fish Pin
by De Lynn Nelson

You’ll think of lots of unique uses for this stunning tropical fish design.... Pin it to your sun hat, your beach bag, decorate your sunglass case, or make it into a pendant.

  • Beading thread of choice
  • Beading needle
Size 11 Delica Beads (Color, Delica Number, Quantity)
  • Gold, #042, 145 beads
  • Grey/brown, #769, 117 beads
  • Blue, #747, 269 beads
  • Brown, #794, 189 beads
  • Taupe, #772, 75 beads
  • Tan, #382, 93 beads
  • Yellow, #272, 76 beads
  • Black, #010, 12 beads
Individual Pattern is not available

Mindi, A Beads & Fibers Project Mindi, A Beads & Fibers Project
by Rita Sova

A delightful mix of Size 5 triangles & multicolored yarn weave together a 7” bracelet on the Versa-Loom (available at, SEARCH using: 00010096).

  • 140 Iris Amber size 5 Triangles
  • 3 yards multicolored eyelash yarn
  • 3 yards DMC size 5 pearl cotton
  • 50 Iris amber size 15 seed beads for clasp loop
  • Thread to match (Nymo, Fireline, C-Lon)
  • 1 Brass metal 22mm shank button
  • Big Eye needle
  • tapestry needle
  • Versa-Loom, available at, SEARCH using: 00010096
Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017400 at

Jeweled Medallions Necklace Jeweled Medallions Necklace
by Sandra D. Halpenny

Rich tropical colors are accented with flashes of gold for a spectacular 16.5” necklace.

  • 550 Delica, #410, gold (gd)
  • 550 Delica, #377, blue (bd)
  • 42 cube, 3mm #462
  • 28 Fire-polished, 4mm, Pink 2 Tone (pfp)
  • 29 Fire-polished 6mm, Montana Blue AB (bfp)
  • Purchased clasp of choice
  • Nymo, Fireline, or thread of choice
Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00014214 at

Stitched Tin Pin Stitched Tin Pin
by Deb Moffett-Hall

This stylish Silver & Crystal lapel pin looks like a trendy boutique item but is amazingly easy to stitch. Perfect for gift giving.

Materials needed for each pin:
  • 2 - Square, "Stitched Tin Tiles", each 3/4"
    "Stitched Tin Tiles" ™ can be found in the scrap booking aisle of your craft store
  • 1 - Metal & crystal flat, two hole slide, 1/2" square
  • 3 - Austrian Bicone Crystals, each 6mm
  • 4 - Bali silver daisy spacers, each 3.5 mm
  • 6 - Corrugated silver round beads, each 3 mm
  • 6 - Silver rondelle beads, each 5 mm
  • 24 - size 11 seed beads dark color (dk)
  • 12 - size 11 seed beads light color (lt)
  • 4 - size 11 seed beads silver color (s)
  • 3 - silver headpins, each 1 & 1/2" long
  • 1 - Tie Tack style silver pin back, 3/8" circle
  • Epoxy or other metal-to-metal glue
  • Berkley Fireline fishing line, 6 lb test (thread)
    (The holes in the tin tiles have sharp edges and can cut regular thread)
Individual Pattern is not available

Woman Combing Hair Woman Combing Hair
by Sig of Beaded Bear Publishing

This is a great project to try out a word chart. Sig has found that word charts cut her beading time in half and are much easier to follow than color graphs for large designs but color graphs are included for those who prefer to use them.
Delica bead color numbers listed, Approx 200 size 11 Delicas per gram. Design uses 9400 bead.
Approximate Finished Size: 5" x 6.25"

Size 11 Delica Bead number and (quantities):
  • DB 203 (1222)
  • DB 310 (24)
  • DB 761 (40)
  • DB 920 (1512)
  • DB 10 (2409)
  • DB 214 (39)
  • DB 283 (25)
  • DB 278 (307)
  • DB 62 (11)
  • DB 42 (403)
  • DB 221 (548)
  • DB 2 (358)
  • DB 44 (123)
  • DB 110 or DB 1405 (2379)
  • Beading Needle, Size 10 or 12
  • Nymo, Fireline, or thread of choice
Individual Pattern is not available

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