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Issue 40 (Mar/Apr 2012) Spring Issue
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Issue 40 (Mar/Apr 2012) Spring Issue

Welcome friends to issue #40
      March & April provide a welcome relief after winter's cold. Even if it's not cold where you are at least the days are getting longer! St Patrick's Day is celebrated with a Shamrock bracelet and a Pot of Gold crystal drop. We have three Easter projects for you: Ronit shares her realistic Spring Chicks bracelet with matching earrings and Michelle designed comical Easter eggs and half-hatched chicks. Sandra Halpenny weaves a few seed beads and fire polished crystals into sparkling elements. Barb Grainger shows how exquisite seed beads are when stitched in a graceful netted "V". Linda Gettings shares a peyote ruffled cuff with a central line of clustered flower beads. A challenging R.A.W bracelet rounds out the projects. Enjoy!
      Best wishes & full bead dishes, Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Pot-O-Gold Crystal Drop Pot-O-Gold Crystal Drop
by Deb Moffett-Hall

A Quick to stitch project! What will you find at the end of your rainbow? Love, Luck, & Good Fortune are found at the end of this rainbow! Hang in a sunny window to cast real rainbows.

  • Delica Beads, size 11/o (Qty);
    DB 411 Gold or DB 42 (75)
    DB 163 Green (114)
    DB 214 Red (74)
    DB 160 Yellow (49)
    DB 1498 Gray (7)
    DB 10 Black (42)
    DB 879 Light Blue (212)
    DB 161 Orange (48)
    DB 726 Purple (51)
  • Needle, size 10 or 12
  • Thread of choice (Nymo B or Fireline 6#)
  • One 3" crystal drop, available at, SEARCH model # 00000178

Individual Pattern is not available

Shamrockin' Bracelet Shamrockin' Bracelet
by Deb Moffett-Hall

Odd Count Peyote Bracelet or Bookmark! If you stitch the clover leaves in shades of purple they look like violets.

Materials for a 6-7/8" panel:
  • Delica beads, Quantities ( ) and DB numbers are listed below;
    (242) Black #310 or #42
    (454) Cream #883
    (74) Lt Green #374
    (240) Green #373
    (827) Gold #411 or try Copper or Bronze
  • Clasp for bracelet or end dangle
  • Beads for bookmark
  • Nymo B or Fireline 6#
  • Beading Needle, size 11 or 12

Individual Pattern is not available

Royal Purple R.A.W Bracelet Royal Purple R.A.W Bracelet
by Deb Moffett-Hall

Create a Right Angle Weave bracelet base and fill in the blanks with more beads for a densely stitched cuff.

  • 15 Purple glass Disks: 2 x 6mm
  • 30 gold daisy spacers: 5mm
  • 56 corrugated plated brass gold rounds: 3mm
  • 300 purple silver-lined size 11 seed beads
  • 28 gold silver-lined bugles: 6mm
  • 45 iris purple faceted fire polish rondelles: 3 x 4mm
  • 1 Toggle clasp:14mm shown
  • C-Lon or Silamide thread
  • Beading Needle, size 11 or 12

Individual Pattern is not available

Spring Chickens Bracelet Spring Chickens Bracelet
by Ronit Florence

Step into spring with this cute bracelet pattern, featuring two chicks emerging from their shells. Odd Count Peyote bracelet using size 11 Delicas = 1½" x 6½".

  • Size 11 Delica Bead numbers and (quantites);
    DB 57 (878)
    DB 163 (742)
    DB 852 (245)
    DB 100 (371)
    DB 157 (476)
    DB 68 (52)
    DB 233 (87)
    DB 764 (4)

Individual Pattern is not available, however a matching pendant pattern is; SEARCH using: 00017794 at

Earring Chicks Earring Chicks
by Ronit Florence

Chick Earrings match Ronit's Spring Chickens Bracelet. These chicks are still emerging & have a way to go! Brick stitched earrings are about 1½" when using size 11 Delicas.

  • Size 11 Delica Bead numbers and (quantites);
    DB 157 (208)
    DB 852 (142)
    DB 100 (123)
    DB 233 (57)
    DB 764 (2)
    DB 68 (8)

Individual Pattern is not available, however a matching pendant pattern is; SEARCH using: 00017794 at

Red Ruffle Bracelet Red Ruffle Bracelet
by Linda Gettings

Work 'Even Count Peyote' using 3 sizes of beads to create the ruffled bracelet base and fill the center with carved or pressed glass flowers.

  • *For each inch you will need;
    26 size 11 Delica beads
    52 size 11 Seed beads
    104 size 8 Seed beads
    The number of Flowers needed depends on the size & shape of the flowers
  • Silamide thread
  • Select a decorative button or other clasp, button shown is 27mm

Individual Pattern is not available

Diagonal V-Net Necklace Diagonal V-Net Necklace
by Barb Grainger

You will delight in the supple drape & striking design of this netted necklace. Seed beads are available in so many beautiful colors and fabulous finishes Enjoy!

  • 40 grams of size 11 seed beads
  • One-G brand thread or size "B" Nymo
  • Size 12 needle
  • Toggle clasp

Individual Pattern is not available

Egg-celent Bracelet Egg-celent Bracelet
by Michelle Hall

Colored Easter eggs, chicks and blooms, will make an adorable bookmark or bracelet.

Materials for a 6-7/8" panel:
  • Size 11/o Delica beads Quantities ( ) and DB numbers;
    Black #310 (739)
    Yellow #751 (292)
    Orange #722 (3)
    White #200 (173)
    Lt Blue #725 (142)
    Pink #1371 (110)
    Green #733 (376)

Individual Pattern is not available

Regal Purple Necklace Regal Purple Necklace
by Sandra D. Halpenny

Seed Beads and Fire Polished crystals create a string of sparkling elements.

Materials for a 6-7/8" panel:
  • *Beads used per inch;
    A = Miyuki #157, 11/o seed, 70*
    B = Toho Copper/Crystal, 11/o seed, 18*
    C = 6mm crystal, 1*
  • Needle
  • Beading Thread

Individual Pattern is not available

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