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Our Privacy Pledge to you:

Any information given to Sova Enterprises is not given/sold/traded to anyone else.  We have the highest standards in assuring our customers' privacy.  All information and correspondence is handled with discretion and care.

We respond to every email and phone call received (Please leave a return phone number when leaving a phone message, speak clearly and slowly, we do want to talk with you). Response time is usually within a few hours (most times within a few minutes) and always (baring unforeseen circumstances) within 24 hours.
We do want you to receive your order in a timely fashion; should you have any trouble printing your order please contact us right away (within 5 days) we are very happy to help you obtain your order. Double check your email address and software, "mailbox full", "user unknown", or "blocking" may be the reason you have not received our emails.

Newletter/Email Entries:

This information is help us to make this site what you would like.  You will only receive mail from us if you sign up to do so.

Your Agreement to us:
(Pattern Authors/Designers and Sova Enterprises)

  1. You receive permission to 1 pattern for the price listed and to save the file (for your own persoanl use) to your electronic device.
    POLICY: Download access can only be made available for orders placed in this or last month. So please save and backup all your purchases immediately.
  2. By choosing the DOWNLOAD option, "You Print". Please choose a "MAIL" option if you are unable to print yourself.
  3. All files, graphics, patterns, software, instructions are Copyrighted.  You have permission to make items from these patterns for personal use and for "pin money"
    1 a : money given by a man to his wife for her own use
      b : money set aside for the purchase of incidentals
    2 : a trivial amount of money 'worked for pin money',

    unless otherwise noted on the pattern.
  4. No mass production is authorized.
  5. Permission is NOT granted to share any items obtained from this site without written permission from the original copyright holder, this does include ALL ITEMS (FREE, ONSALE, Files, instructions, etc..)
  6. The contents of (images, files, patterns, instructions, etc.) are not public property and may not be bought, sold, traded or taken from this site.
  7. When displaying items you have created, using designs created by someone else, you should credit the original designer, it is "the right thing to do" and designers do appreciate it.

Downloading without permission, the patterns, graphics, designs or images constitutes receipt of stolen goods and you could be prosecuted.


DISAGREE:  Do not purchase or obtain any items from this site.


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