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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Help

Enabling Adobe PDF plugin
iPAD Help
Android PDF download Help
Kindle & Kindle Fire Help
Nook Help

I have a new email address, what do I do?
Where do I enter a COUPON CODE?
What are Pattern Type Definitions?

I have a new email address, what do I do?
  • Log into your MY ACCOUNT using your old email address.
  • Once logged in, on the MY ACCOUNT page click the link to change your account information.
  • Enter your NEW email address in place of the old email address and complete that process.
  • When completed use your NEW email address to log into our site.
  • You could create a new MY ACCOUNT however that will mean that all your previous orders, wish list, and other details will not be available.

WHERE DO I find my DOWNLOAD links?
Once your order has been completed, downloads are ready in your MY ACCOUNT area.
Downloads are made available for 7 days or 5 clicks from the time the order was completed.
  1. Click on "My Account" in our main menu.
  2. Log in as a RETURNING CUSTOMER.
  3. On the MY ACCOUNT page, under the heading MY ORDERS, click on "View the order I have made".
  4. The next page will show your order history; Click on the "View" button, found on the right side of the order's listing.
  5. When the order page opens;
    A) Scroll down the page to find the DOWNLOAD LINK section for this order.
    Click on the item name (text) to obtain the download (PDF files should open in Adobe Reader).
    Once all pages are viewable on your screen, scroll to the last page to be sure the file is completely download, then use the Adobe Reader printer icon to print the pages, do not use the FILE - PRINT option from your browser. Printed pages are for your own personal use and may NOT be sold, traded, or distributed.
    B) Right mouse click on the item name (download link) then choose to SAVE the file to your computer for later printing/viewing at your convenience. (SAVE - Target as, SAVE file as - etc). Large files can take time to completely download, be patient and do not try to open the file until it has been completely downloaded. Files are for your own personal use and may NOT be sold, traded, or distributed.

How do I enable the Adobe PDF plugin in my browser?
  • Instructions for various Browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).
  • Note: When using Safari there could be problems when Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in and Adobe Reader plug-in are both enabled at the same time.

  • Disabled any program that may BLOCK downloads.
  • For PDF downloads, have the newest version of Acrobat Reader installed and working properly.
  • Try a different web browser. Using Chrome (browser) can result in intermittent problems with downloads.

  • Computer and or printer memory may be full; reboot computer and printer.
  • Within Adobe Reader use the PRINT icon instead of the FILE -> PRINT option in your browser's menu.
  • Patience; wait for the file to completely download before trying to print.
  • Save the file to your computer, then address the printing problem. This will insure that the problem is not Internet related and will also eliminate the need to log into our site before trying to print each time.

Android PDF download Help

iPAD Help

Kindle & Kindle Fire Help
  • Adjust settings: Pull down settings from the top of the kindle and tap on "more", then tap on "device".
    You'll see "allow installation of application from unknown sources".
    Toggle to "on" position. That's it. Hope it works for you!

  • Where did the files I downloaded to my Kindle Fire go?
    The menu system seems pretty easy to navigate around on the Kindle Fire. Perhaps too easy at times. When I realized that I wanted to continue reading a PDF file that I had downloaded directly to my Fire from a website, I could not for the life of me figure out where the folders were for me to find this file.
    I ended up redownloading the file to continue reading it. But again, I wanted to continue with this file.
    Fear not. You can easily get to your downloaded files rather easily. It does not seem to make complete sense to me why it is set up this way, but what you need to do is:
    open the web browser, then click on the little bar of paper icon (that's the best that I can describe it) found on the bottom black bar. There you will find a link to your downloads, that you will be able to access, with out having to download that file every time you want to access it.

  • Three Easy Ways to Load Non-Amazon Books on Your Kindle Fire

  • How to Get PDFs Onto My Kindle Fire
    You can send your PDF files to your Kindle email address and put "convert" as the subject. Then all the PDF files will be converted to Kindle content. No one has to pay Amazon to convert a pdf. It just does it if you put "Convert" in the subject line when sending a PDF, via email, to your Kindle device.

  • How to Download EPUB, PDF, and Mobipocket to the Kindle Fire info can be see at:

  • Kindle Fire,page rotation
    1) Click the Settings Gear to find the Locked / Unlocked setting.
    Note: the setting is obtained by dragging a finger down from the top of the screen.

  • Kindle,page rotation
    1) Run the app, then load any book.
    2) Tap the lower right corner of the screen. You should see a little padlock icon.
    3) While it's still visible, tap that icon to toggle between locked and unlocked settings.
    When it shows locked, the screen will not rotate from whichever orientation it's currently in.
    When it shows unlocked, the screen will rotate when you tilt your device.

    Note: If you've disabled auto-rotate in your device's operating system, setting the Kindle app to "unlock" will have no effect; the global settings override it.
    So if you do want screen rotation, make sure it's enabled in the OS first.
Nook Help
  • How to Transfer PDFs to a Nook:
    1) Locate the PDF file either on your desktop or within the file browser.
    2) Connect the Nook to your computer via USB cable.
    3) Locate the My Documents folder within the Nook.
    4) Drag and drop the PDF file from the original location to the Nook's My Documents folder.
    More details found at

Download access can only be made available for orders placed in this or last month, save and back up your purchases as soon as possible. Files are for your own personal use and may NOT be sold, traded, or distributed.

It is fine to swap, sell, lend or give away your old magazines, but copyright regulations mean that photocopying and scanning pages to pass on to other people is against the law.

  • Contact us with the inquiry details and we will do our best to help.
  • While at, select the Designer's Name from the 'Designers' Box (left side of the screen just under Quick Find).
  • Click on one of the listings to find the details for that listing.
  • Look on the right side of the screen, just under the 'What's New' Box to find the 'Designer Info' Box; The resulting text may say;
    1) The Designer's name HOMEPAGE, click this text to be taken the Designer's Web site which may contain email contact information. If this text is missing, no web address is available.
    2) Other products, click this text to view the other products by this Designer.

Where do I enter a COUPON CODE?
The page to enter the Discount code is located on PAYMENT INFORMATION page during the CHECKOUT process.
The coupon code area is on the same page that shows the PAYMENT METHOD to use; Credit or Debit Card - PayPal - Check/Money Order.
Just above the PAYMENT METHOD are is a GIFT VOUCHERS & COUPONS area with a space to Enter Redeem Code (Redeem Code = Coupon code).
Remember characters are exact, upper and lower case do matter.

What are Pattern Type Definitions?
The definitions for the various craft Pattern Types are descibed at the following links.
Click for the appropriate craft pattern type.

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