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Submission Information

Are you an original Designer? We would love to have you join us.
Would you like to list items such as: instructions, graph paper, book(s), patterns?  Free items would also be appreciated.
You must hold the copyright on all items submitted to Sova Enterprises.
Please read the below pages, then contact us about joining us.
Acrobat Reader 9.x or newer is required to print/view the files referenced below.

Required Forms:
  1. Submission Form - February 2016
  2. A W-9 (US persons) or W-8ECI (non US persons) form must also be filled in, signed and mailed to us along with the signed Submission form (see above).
    W-9 and W-8 forms can be found on-line at, use the SEARCH area (enter W-9 or W-8ECI) and also Search within "Forms & Publications" (drop down menu, below the SEARCH area). This should help refine your search.
  1. U S Copyright Office
  2. A copyright Guide
  3. What is copyright?
  4. Copyright Myths
  5. The Copyright Symbol Webpage

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